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Three days ago, the hawk, Rufus, who scares pigeons away from Wimbledon, was stolen. He was returned earlier today. The news was revealed when his owner tweeted “Rufus is healthy and well… We are SO excited/happy/relieved.”

He went missing on Thursday night, and a member of the public claimed to have spotted his box on Friday morning.

Martin Underwood, the manufacturer of the box, received a phone call from a young man telling him “I think I’ve found something that belongs to you.” When he received the call he wasn’t aware that Rufus had been stolen, and advised the man to take the box to the police or RSPCA.

A Met Police spokeswoman said Rufus was handed in to the RSPCA Animal Hospital in Putney. Apparently he had a slightly sore leg and would need to have a few days rest before he could start working again.

But Rufus is home now with his owner, Imogen Davis.

Image from guardian.co.uk