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The Rubik’s Cube European Championships are being held in Poland this week, and to celebrate, we’re going to tell you the current world records!

Since the cubes were invented in 1974, many different kinds have been invented. Some are made out of keyboards, like the one above, and there are even battenburg cakes made to look like them!

The world record for the fastest 3x3x3 (standard) cube solved is 5.66 seconds. It was recorded at the Melbourne Winter Open in 2011.

The fastest average time for one person is 7.53 seconds, won at the Australian Nationals this year.

The fastest time for solving a cube with one hand is 9.53 seconds.

The fastest time for solving a cube blindfolded is 27.65 seconds, and was recorded in Belgium this year.

The record for the least moves to solve a cube is 20, and was recorded at the Czech Open this year.

And finally, the fastest time for a robot to solve a cube is just 5.270 seconds by CubeStormer II. More amazingly, the CubeStormer II was entirely made out of Lego and a Samsung Galaxy S2!

How close are you to any of these records?