Wimbledon Hawk Returned


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Three days ago, the hawk, Rufus, who scares pigeons away from Wimbledon, was stolen. He was returned earlier today. The news was revealed when his owner tweeted “Rufus is healthy and well… We are SO excited/happy/relieved.”

He went missing on Thursday night, and a member of the public claimed to have spotted his box on Friday morning.

Martin Underwood, the manufacturer of the box, received a phone call from a young man telling him “I think I’ve found something that belongs to you.” When he received the call he wasn’t aware that Rufus had been stolen, and advised the man to take the box to the police or RSPCA.

A Met Police spokeswoman said Rufus was handed in to the RSPCA Animal Hospital in Putney. Apparently he had a slightly sore leg and would need to have a few days rest before he could start working again.

But Rufus is home now with his owner, Imogen Davis.

Image from guardian.co.uk

Baby Pink Toed Tarantula at Chessington Zoo


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Yesterday in the Chessington World Of Adventures Zoo, a baby pink toed tarantula was born, just in time for the end of National Insect Week (25th June – 1st July). Right now, it isn’t even as big as a 5 pence coin, but once it’s an adult it will be the size of a human hand. Tarantulas can have up to two hundred babies, and the staff at the zoo are expecting around ten more siblings to follow this one. They aren’t sure yet whether it’s a boy or girl.

Image from BBC.

Edinburgh International Film Festival Winners Announced



Yesterday, the winners were revealed for the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Here are the winners:

Best International Film – Here, Then, by Chinese director Mao Mao.

Best British Film – One Mile Away by director Penny Woolcock.

On the closing night, the Disney Pixar film Brave had its European première. Scottish stars were on the red carpet to celebrate the première. The film is set in the mythical medieval Highlands of Scotland.

The film stars Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Robbie Coltrane, Kevin McKidd and Craig Ferguson.

Elephant Resue


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Elephants once again have proved that they may well be one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. In this display of not only love, but skill, the mother Elephant helps her young calf out of the mud.

The event took place in the Cabarceno Wildlife Park, in Cantabria, Spain, where the mother and the calfs five month old cousin had already crossed over the small ditch before the young male got in to trouble and had to be picked out by his tail.

As the saying goes, an Elephant never forgets and we are sure this baby will never forget when his mother rescued him!

Images belong to Marina Cano

Build Your Own Lego House


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Have you ever wondered how many bricks it would take to make a real house of lego bricks? Well you can wonder no more.

An estate agent from America has created a calculator to work out just how many brick it would take to make a mirror image of your own house.

He has worked out that the average American home would add up to more than 10 million blocks worth of Lego. This is without adding in external walls and ceilings.

If you were to buy 100 bricks from the pick a brick store in Lego stores it would cost you £19. To build the average UK semi-detached house it would cost £1.1 million pounds! Proving that lego is not a building material of the future, the average semi-detached brick house in the UK costs around £199,00,00.

Image belonging to BBC News.

Victorious Goes Blonde!


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In the new episode of the Nickelodeon show Victorious called The Blonde Squad, three of the main characters, Tori, Cat and Jade, have gone blonde!

The story is, they go to film Beck’s new movie, called The Blonde Squad, and wear blonde wigs and blue contacts. They were supposed to take them off after the filming, but decided to leave them on because Tori wanted to know what it was like to be a blonde.

It first aired in the US yesterday at 8pm.

Earlier on, Nick tweeted Elizabeth Gillies (Jade) looks like Emma Stone. What do you think?

And what do you think about Victoria Justice (Tori) and Ariana Grande (Cat)?

Uggie The Dog Leaves His Mark On Hollywood


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To mark his retirement, The Artist star Uggie The Dog has left his mark on Hollywood. He did so by leaving his paw print in a pavement stone outside the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Uggie’s film appearances include The Artist, Water For Elephants and Mr. Fix It. He has now retired and won’t be in any more films, but he will appear at charity events and other functions.

Uggie the Dog is so popular that he has even won a Pet Oscar.